Kudos Panama Meeting October 2022

The first face to face Kudos meeting for three years took place at the Sortis Hotel Panama City. It was great to see so many members get together at a great venue suggested by Arva Contadores of Panama City.

We started with a moment of reflection for the people that we lost during the Pandemic and also a tribute to Paolo Moreria of Moreria Auditores who sadly passed away during September.

We then presented a detailed update on developments in Kudos, including an update on ISQM 1. Each firm then presented their own firm including the services that they delivered and the software that they used to control the firm and provide the service.

We moved on to discuss the future of audit as selling audit services in Latin America at a good price is increasingly difficult. We discussed the importance of expanding the services that can be provided to clients and link that to the place in the marketplace that Kudos could occupy.

We then had a very social dinner at an informal restaurant overlooking the Pacific. It was great to see everyone after the pandemic!

Kudos International